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Do you ever just need to talk to any one, doesn't matter who they are you just need an ear. Here you can, all you have to do is click on the contact tab and go from there. It will appear on the Question Corner & the page Facebook page, and if you would like to stay anonymous or go under a nickname please tell me.

You are safe to tell us whats on your mind.

There is no bullying, only open ears.

Make A Hot Cup Of Joe, Pull Up A Chair & Relax.

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...Life Question Of The Month...

 In what part of my life am I settling? 

Some times we are afraid of going with out whether its a new relation ship or a new purchase and so we settle. This can be a very bad habit and should be worked on. It's better to be 100% happy with something you waited to achieve than to be only 50% happy with something you got on the spot just because you could at the time.

Never Settle, you'r Worth it.